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Petroleum Exploration Opportunities in Jordan

The Kingdom is constitutional Monarchy, the King appoint a Council of Ministers, which is accountable to a two-house parliaments; the Upper House with 75 members appointed by the King himself and the Lower House with 150 members elected by the people of Jordan. Freedom of religious beliefs, speech, press and private property are guaranteed by the constitution. 

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Wells Distribution

There are 11 blocks in wells distribution.

  • North Highlands
  • West Safawi
  • East Safawi
  • Risha
  • Dead Sea
  • Azraq
  • Sirhan
  • Petra
  • Jafr
  • Rum
  • Hamza


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There are 7 wells Of the seven wells in the area four are reported to have minor oil and gas shows in the Naur (Upper Cretaceous), Kurnub (Lower Cretaceous), Huni (Jurassic), Ma’in (Triassic) and Salib (lower Cambrian) Formations.


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