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There are oil shows in the Wadi Essir and Amman Formations (both Upper Cretaceous) in wells HO-1, HO-2, WR-2, WR-3, WR-4, WR-5 in this contract area.The Dubeidib (Ordovician), Kurnub (Lower Cretaceous), Ma’in (Lower Triassic) and Shueib/Hummar (Cenomanian) Formations were identified as the main reservoir targets..


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Of the four wells in the area, two have bitumen/asphalt shows in the Dubeidib (Ordovician), Wadi Essir (Turonian), Shueib and Naur (Cenomanian) Formations and the RH-19 well has a minor gas show in the Dubeidib Formation.


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The Risha gas field is located within this contract area, along the eastern edge close to the border of Jordan with Iraq. Of the 45 wells in this contract area 40 are located at the field. The Dubeidib Formation (Ordovician) is the reservoir at the field.


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