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SIRHAN Development

This does not include the Sirhan contract area which lies within this contract area. According to the JF-1 well report the WS-1 well encountered oil shows in the Dubeidib Formation (Ordovician) and there was a weak presence of hydrocarbons in the test in the WS-2 well within the Dubeidib Formation. Within this contract area lies the Sirhan Development area, where there are nine wells, one of which (WS-4) is a discovery within the Dubeidib Formation.


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There are three wells in the area (S-1, S-15 and S-63). These are water wells that drilled down to the Silurian, Ordovician and Precambrian at depths of 1393m, 1382m and 782m, respectively. Little else is known about these wells. The contract area lies adjacent to the Sirhan and Jafr contract areas to the east, where there are several oil shows in the Salib (Cambrian), Hiswa Group (Ordovician) and the Khish-Sha/Mudawwara (Silurian) Formations along with a discovery in the Dubeidib Formation (WS-4 well)


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Of the five wells in this area, none has any hydrocarbon shows. They are mainly water wells with aquifers in the Disi Formation. The nearest oil shows at JF-1 well approximately 30 km to the north.


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