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Building Stones

Building Stones are found in Cambrian sandstone (Petra, Feinan), Upper Cretaceous oyster shell limestone’s (Mushatta, Amman), oolitic limestone of Miocene (Gharandal) and Pleistocene ages (Hisham Place), Late Tertiary to Quaternary basalts (Qasr Azraq, Um El Jemal), caliche (Nari) in Jerash.The only extensive production is focused on limestone's of Cenomanian, Turonian, Santonian, and Eocene ages.


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Cement Raw Materials

Limestones for Portland cement are widely distributed in Jordan; limestones and marly limestones are exposed in the Cenomanian and Turonian stratigraphic rock. The reserves are practically unlimited, because these rock units are exposed in broad belt along the mountainous area bordering the East of Wadi Araba - Dead Sea - Jordan Rift.


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Natural Sand

Outcrops in the Lower Cretaceous (Kurnub Sandstone). Sand occurs in the following areas, Belqa, Tafila, and in the vicinities of Sift, Ain El Basha, Abu Nuseir, Fuheis, Ziued, Seil Hisban, Buseria, and Dana.


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