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Basalt is a common gray to black volcanic rock. It's usually fine grained due to rapid cooling of lava on the earth's surface. It may be porphyritic containing larger crystals in a fine matrix or vesicular, or frothy scoria. Un-weathered basalt is black to gray.


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The term Bentonite was first suggested by Knight (1898), followed by Ross and Shannon (1926) who proposed that Bentonite is a rock term for a clay deposit composed essentially of crystalline clay like mineral formed by alteration of glassy igneous materials either tuff or volcanic ash. Grim (1968) considered that Bentonite is a clay deposit consisting essentially of smectite minerals usually dominated by montmorillonite which has a very wide range of industrial applications.


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Uranium is a relatively common metal, found in rocks and seawater. Economic concentrations of it are not uncommon. Its availability to supply world energy needs is great both geologically and because of the technology for its use. Quantities of mineral resources are greater than commonly perceived.


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