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This is a brief desk-top study for the phosphate occurrences in southern Jordan, aims to determine the phosphate deposits that occur in Ash Shidiyya Area in order to give licenses for concession areas to mine and exploit phosphate deposits.


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Pure Limestone

Pure limestone is among the most important non-metallic raw material used for industrial and agricultural purposes.Pure Limestone is a form of lime rock shell containing large cross bedding because of the accumulation of (Oysters) as a result of the accumulation of solid parts after the death of organisms; these bivalves consist mainly of calcium carbonate and may contain some impurities such as silica and marl.


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Silca Sand

Silica sand is defined as a high purity industrial mineral in which the sand grains are made entirely of quartz. Impurities, if any, are very minor and commonly are clay minerals (kaolinite, illite), titaniferous minerals (rutile, anatase), iron oxides and heavy minerals (zircon, tourmaline). The term silica sand is applied to quartz sand that conforms to the specifications of which the main composition is SiO2 >99%.


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