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The copper deposits in this area are mainly present in the Cambrian rocks and have not been commercially exploited. Copper ore was mined and smelted extensively in ancient times by Nabatians, Egyptians and Romans (Omari, 1978). There are three large slag heaps in the Finan district within the Wadi Araba area and fragments of partially smelted copper can be found in it.


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Diatomite is micro-amorphous silica, sedimentary rock consisting principally of the siliceous remains of microscopic unicellular aquatic plant called diatom. A relative of the algae, the diatom is a minute speck of protoplasm that encloses itself in a shell, or frustule, made of silica extracted from the surrounding water.


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Dolomite (CaCO3MgCO3) is a sedimentary rock occurs as a sedimentary deposit similar in nature to limestone. Most dolomite deposits are as a result of replacement of Mg instead of Ca during the recrystallization of limestone (Dolomitzation), while some dolomite precipitates directly from seawater. The dolomite rocks contain more than 50% of both calcite and dolomite minerals in which dolomite is more abundant than calcite.


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