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Annual Report 2013

The local production of energy (crude oil, natural gas and renewable energy) was (273) thousand toe in 2013 representing (3%) of Jordan’s total energy needs. Due to the lack of energy sources, Jordan depends heavily on imports to fulfill its domestic energy needs.

The imported quantities of crude oil and oil products in 2013 were amounted to approximately (6445) thousand toe, while total quantities of natural gas imported from Egypt reached (867) million cubic meters. The total cost of crude oil and oil products, natural gas and coal imported by Jordan has reached (4036) million Jordanian dinar in 2013 with a (12%) decline comparing with 2012.

The total demand for primary energy was estimated to (8157) thousand toe in 2013 with a drop of (1%) while the total demand for final energy i.e., energy available to the consumer, has reached (5406) thousand toe with a drop of (5%) comparing with 2012 demand levels. On the other hand, the demand for oil products was (3687) thousand toe.