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Law No.12 For the Year 1968 The Organization of Natural Resources Affairs Law

Article (1)

This Law shall be called (The Organization of Natural Resources Affairs Law for the year 1968 ) and shall be become effective from the date of its promulgation in the Official Gazette.

Article (2)

The following words and expressions wherever stated in this Law, shall have the meanings assigned to them here below, unless the context indicates otherwise :

  • “Kingdom” means the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • “Government” means the Government of the Hashemite     Kingdom of Jordan.
  • “Natural Resources” means all inanimate resources of natural wealth whether metallic or non-metallic, existing on the surface of, or under, the ground or in the territorial or inland waters or rivers. It shall also mean all surface and underground water resources, including rivers, streams, wadis, lakes, reservoirs, pools, water springs, rainfalls and natural vapours, as well as all minerals and pertinent ores, precious stones and similar others; and also soil, rock materials and their by-products used in constructional and paving works, including stones used for decoration purposes.
  • “Authority” means the Natural Resources Authority established in accordance with this Law.
  • “Board or Board of Directors” means the Board of Directors of the Natural Resources Authority .
  • “Minister” means the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources.
  • “Individual” means any Jordanian individual who has reached his majority and is legally qualified. It shall also mean any commercial house, company, society, union, corporation, village, municipality, government administration, or organization with legal entity.
  • “Prospecting” means any investigation, aerial survey, or ground survey in any area determined with the approval of the President with a view to ascertain the existence of minerals or rocky materials therein. Prospecting also includes consultation as well as economic, technical and geological surveys.
  • “Exploration” means any work relating to investigation and exploration of minerals and rock materials for the purpose of ascertaining their existence and determining their quantities and qualities including drilling, excavation, assaying and necessary detailed examination.
  • “Discovery” means the announcement of the existence of a mineral or minerals in exploitable quantities, to be submitted to the Vice President by the discoverer, at a site located on the set technical maps after obtaining permits from the concerned authority for exploring or prospecting for minerals.
  • “Mine” means any locality where underground mining operations take place for the purpose of extracting natural ores.
  • “Quarry” means any locality where mining operations take place for the purpose of extracting rocks or associated materials.
  • “Minerals” means all ores of economic value excluding petroleum, natural gas, rock materials or associates used in building construction, road construction or for ornamental purposes such as granite and marble.
  • “Mining Operations or Mining Facilities” means any work necessary for the extraction or exploration of rock minerals or associated materials or any relative action. This includes drilling, pitting, driving of tunnels, construction of water canals, reservoirs, dams, main sewage outlets and tanks, in addition to the construction of railways, laying pipe-lines, installation of machinery and construction of buildings whether for mining operations or housing of employees, as well as for the exploitation, dressing and marketing of minerals.
  • “Holder of Exploration Permit, Prospecting License or Certificate of Discovery or Mining Right” means the person who is granted the permit, license, certificate or right, whether in full or in part by inheritance, assignment, abdication or any other way .

Article (3)

An Authority called the “Natural Resources Authority” shall be established in accordance with this Law and shall be entrusted with the responsibility of prospecting, geological and economic studies needed for the natural resources, supervising technically the methods of mining, and exploiting such in accordance with the provisions of this Law.

Article (4)

The Authority shall be considered and autonomous body corporate. It may lease, purchase and acquire movable and immovable properties, may conclude contracts and sue legal cases and lodge them in its name. In connection with any litigation in which the Authority is involved or for any other purposes, it may delegate one of the staff of the Attorney General or assign its own attorney from the Authority staff or from outside.