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Regulation No. 131 For the Year 1966 Mining Regulation

Issued in Accordance with Article (68) of Law No. (37) for the Year 1966 Temporary Law for the Organization of Natural Resources Affairs

Article (1)

This regulation shall be called (Mining Regulation for the Year 1966) and shall become effective as of its promulgation in the Official Gazette.

Article (2)

Applications for acquiring prospecting permits, exploration licenses, mining rights and certificates of registration of discovery shall be submitted to the President on the forms prescribed by the Authority.

Article (3)

The President upon approval of the Board of Directors shall issue the prospecting permit or exploration license valid for one year .

Article (4)

The area covered by the prospecting permit or exploration license shall not exceed (48) square kilometers and shall consist of one piece having right angles and its borders parallel to the longitude and latitude lines.