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Updated Master Strategy of Energy Sector in Jordan for the period (2007-2020)

First: Introduction  

His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Al Hussein II has charged His Royal Highness Prince Hamza Ibn Al Hussein with the presidency of a Royal Commission to review and update the national master strategy of energy sector, sanctioned by the Cabinet on 7/12/2004 with the aim to confront the challenges that impede implementation of several projects, which meet the Kingdom's energy needs during the next stage in a way that would contribute to improving the level of availability and openness of energy market before investments and achieving the energy supply security.  

 The Royal Commission has formed subcommittees within three hubs (oil, electricity and natural gas, renewable energy sector and energy conservation sector and alternative and local energy sector) in addition to necessary legislations and prudent governance hub. Moreover, a technical committee was formed under chairmanship of His Excellency secretary general of the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, which comprises as members representatives from the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources and other bodies concerned with energy sector in order to assist the Royal subcommittees in completing the required work.   

 For the purposes of preparing updated strategy for the energy sector, a sequential action methodology has been developed including: - Study the most important conclusions of the current strategy, and its most important recommendations and what has already been achieved; identify the obstacles that faced the implementation process and the recent developments that had taken place following its ratification at the end of 2004. - Review and update demand forecasts on oil, natural gas and electricity up to the year 2020. - Study the available alternatives to meet such demand and choose the best alternative. - Develop a plan and a timeline program to implement necessary projects to meet needs within the suitable alternatives and